8.7.20 – Fish Rap News: Attempt to reform California’s sportfishing license regime dies again

4.28.20 – Capitol Weekly: Post-pandemic, let’s go fishing with a 365-day license (CSL Column)

4.15.20 – Sacramento Bee: California moves forward with fishing ban in some rural areas to stem coronavirus spread

4.15.20 – Press Release: COVID-19 Pandemic Will Lead to Selective Sportfishing Restrictions

4.15.20 – Western Outdoor News: CFGC votes to delegate fishing closure authority to CDFW Director Bonham

4.12.20 – CA Dept of Fish and Wildlife Sportfishing Closure Fact Sheet 

4.9.20 – Western Outdoor News: Emergency Commission meeting devolves into a free-for-all

4.9.20 – FishRap News: Fish & Game Commission reschedules emergency meeting

4.9.20 – Redding Searchlight: Influx of calls from California anglers shuts down fishing ban meeting

4.9.20 – Sacramento Bee: State telemeeting about California fishing ban erupts into chaos. ‘Make fishing great again!’

4.6.20 – Sacramento Bee: California poised to ban sportfishing in some areas. Rural towns worried about coronavirus spread

3.20.20 – Fish Rap: Fishing license proposal appears to be picking up steam

3.9.20 – Daily Republic: 365-day license part of state Fish & Wildlife effort to increase fishing, hunting

3.5.20 RELEASE: California’s Plan to Bolster Fishing and Hunting Calls for 365-Day License


9.25.19 – Western Outdoor News: 365-Day Fishing Bill Now to Include Hunting Licenses 

7.22.19 – TimesStandard: 365-Day Fishing License Bill to Address Again in Next Session

7-19-19 Press Release: Assemblyman Wood’s 365-Day Fishing License Bill Next Steps

5.14.19 – Western Outdoor News Editorial: Why No Year-Long Fishing Licenses?

4.18.19 – FishRapNews: Assembly Committee Unanimously Supports 365-Day Fishing License Bill

4.3.19 – Trinity Journal: Fishing License Reform Bill Goes to Committee

4.3.19 – FishRapNews: First hearing set for fishing license reform proposal

3.28.19 – Western Outdoor News: Reversing Decline In Sportsmen/Women

3.27.19 – Press Release: Support Significant for 365-Day Fishing License Bill

3.14.19 – The Log Newspaper: It’s back: New proposal takes aim at 12-month fishing license

3.12.19 – Times Standard: Capitol Tracker: Bill aims to revamp sportfishing licenses, make then valid for 365 days

3.12.19 – Western Outdoor News: Editorial: Once More Into The (Fishing License) Breach, Dear Friends!

3.07.19 – FishRap News: State legislature tries again at fishing license reform

3.06.19 – Western Outdoor News: California Sportfishing League Spotlights New 365-Day Fishing License Proposal

3.04.19 – Daily Republic: Bill would change state’s fishing license rule

2.27.19 – The Trinity Journal: Wood introduces bill to make recreational fishing more accessible

2.26.19 – Sierra Sun Times: California Sportfishing League Reports a New Bill to Establish a 365-Day Fishing License and Mobile Fishing App

2.25.19 – Press Release: Asm. Jim Wood Introduces Bill To Make Recreational Fishing More Accessible 

2.20.19 – SportFishing Magazine: Time to End Commercial-Fishing Bias in Fishery Management Councils

2.8.19 – Press Release: 2018 Fishing License Sales Analysis: Modest Increase in Sales

1.25.19 – FishRap News: Op-Ed: California Sportfishing League Encourages Early Fishing Participation

1.24.19 – Western Outdoor News: Perspective: Political Environment Invites Rough Waters for Anglers


9.20.18 – FishRap News: Anglers spend $49.8 billion on gear and trips, nationally

9.20.18- Western Outdoor News: Recreational Fishing Has Huge Impact

9.5.18-FishRap News: Fishing license reform fails again

8.31.18-Press Release: California Legislature Fails to Reform State’s Failing Fishing License Program, Again

7.13.18 – FishRap News: Study- Annual fishing license system could boost revenues

7.5.18-Western Outdoor News: CA fishing License Sales Still Plummeting

6.21.18 – Appeal Democrat: Our View: Casting our Support For Gallagher’s Bill to Change Fishing Licenses

6.21.18-Press Release: Independent Analysis Makes Case for Fishing License Reform

6.21.18 Study: “Considerations Regarding 365-Day Fishing Licenses,” by Southwick & Associates 

6.19.18- The Appeal Democrat:Fishing pastime in decline

6.1.18- FishRap News: Assembly Appropriations advances tackle ban study bill

4.26.18- FishRap News: State legislature backs off lead fishing weight ban

3.27.18- Daily News: Tehama County to send letter opposing lead ban in fishing

3.22.18-FishRap News: Sacramento considering ban on lead fishing tackle

3.15.18- The Log: Who’s in charge of the future of boating and fishing?

3.8.18-Appeal Democrat: Anglers hope lead weights bill sinks

3.2.18 – The Sacramento Bee: Popular fishing tackle would be banned under new California bill

2-28-18 – Press Release-Legislation Introduced to Increase Fishing Participation in California

2.22.18-FishRapNews: State Assembly proposes ban on lead fishing weights and sinkers

2.20.18-Oroville Mercury-Register: Editorial: Proposed Ban on Lead Fishing Weights Lacks Justification

2.20.18- The Fishing Wire: CA: State Legislator Introduces Controversial Fishing Tackle Ban

2.19.18- The Record Searchlight: California Lawmaker Aims to Ban Lead Fishing Weights

2.19.18 -The Siskiyou Daily News:California Bill seeks to Ban Small Lead Fishing Weights

2.16.18-Press Release: California State Legislator Introduces Fishing Tackle Ban 

2.15.18-FishRapNews: California Fishing License- Two More States Adopt 12-Month System

2.14.18- News Release-Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account: Prototype Statistics for 2012-2016 (BEA)

2.8.18 FishRap News-State Senate to revisit fishing license with SB 518

1.17.18 Western Outdoor News: CA DFW Finally Recognizes the Need to Improve Fishing Participation


10.20.17 The Log-SB 187: Questions Abound about Fishing License Bill’s Failure

10.13.17 -California Sportfishing League’s State Legislative Watch

9.20.17 Big Bear Grizzly – Common sense bill should be law

9.19.17 Western Outdoor News Editorial-Few trout plants, few licenses sold

9.13.17 Western Outdoor News-With No Perceivable Opposition, 12-month Fishing License (SB187) Shot Down by State Assembly Committee

9.12.17  Tahoe Daily Tribune- California Assembly Committee Kills 12-Month Fishing License Bill

9.12.17 Oroville Mercury News- Editorial, Legislature Has us Shaking our Heads, Again

9.5.17 Press Release-Fishing Bill is Dead

8.31.17 Press Release- California Sportfishing League Survey Results

8.11.17 Press Release-California Sportsfishing League Survey

7.19.17 Press Release-Senate Bill 187 Battles Major Legislative Hurtles

7.13.17 Assembly Committee to Review Year-Round Fishing License Bill

7.12.17 FishRap- California Budget Depletes Lifetime License Trust Account

6.27.17 Western Outdoor News-Will State Raids on Fishing License Fees Become an Annual Affair?

6.14.17 FishRap – Fishing license reform bill earns State Senate support (UPDATE)

6.13.17 Turlock Journal – Bill to change California fishing licenses applauded by locals

6.7.17 Oakdale Leader -Berryhill Fishing License Bill Moves To Assembly

6.6.17 CBS NEWS (Shasta) – Lawmakers look to change fishing license expiration

6.4.17 ABC NEWS – Anglers Applaud Bill to Change Fishing Licenses

6.1.17 FishRap – Fishing license reform bill earns State Senate support

6.1.17 Press Release – California State Senate Unanimously Passes Fishing License Reform Bill

5.31.17 FishRap – Proposal to make youth fishing free won’t move forward

5.24.17 LA Daily News – Change in state law could help fishing industry reel in jobs

5.23.17 Press Release – Los Angeles County’s Status as Recreational Fishing Leader Threatened by Declining Participation Rates

5.23.17 Press Release – Declining Participation Rates and Sales Threaten Economy and Jobs

5.19.17 SD Union Tribune – San Diego needs state to shake tired thinking on fishing licenses

5.16.17 FishRap – Bill proposing evaluation of fishing regulations approved by State Senate

5.6.17 Daily Republic – Advocates say Berryessa fisheries at risk; state says not true

5.5.17 WON – 12-Month Fishing License Bill Unanimously Approved by Cal. Senate Committee

5.4.17 FishRap – Sportfishing license bill progresses through legislature

4.26.17 Sierra Sun Times – California State Senator Tom Berryhill’s 12-Month Fishing License Bill Unanimously Approved by CA. Senate Committee

4.25.17 – Berryhill’s 12-month fishing license bill unanimously approved by CA Senate committee

4.21.17 FishRap – Tribal Committee bill progresses through legislature

4.18.17 FishRap – Proposed evaluation of fishing regulations clears State Senate committee

4.17.17 FishRap – Will California have 12-month fishing licenses? (Column)

3.28.17 Plumas County News – Little frog could have big impact

3.27.17 OC Register – Fishing vs. environment- Have 5 years of restrictions off the coast helped sea creatures?

3.23.17 FishRap – California lawmakers revisit attempts to increase fishing activity

3.17.17 FishRap – State Senate committees weigh in on fishing proposals

3.7.17 Record Searchlight – Bill Aims To Boost Lagging Fishing License Sales

3.6.17 PRESS RELEASE – California Anglers Call for Reforms to Increase Participation Rates & Access

3.2.17 FishRap – Interior Secretary reverses lead fishing tackle ban

3.2.17 PRESS RELEASE – Trump Administration Overturns Proposed Ammunition & Tackle Ban

2.27.17 The Log – Recreational fishing has $4.6 billion impact on California economy

2.8.17 PRESS RELEASE – Petition Intended to Protect Yellow-Legged Frog Concerns Anglers

1.26.17 PRESS RELEASE – Deadline Approaching on Proposed California Fishing Tackle Regulations

1.24.17 PRESS RELEASE – In Final Days Obama Leaves Anglers in the Lurch, Orders Fishing Tackle Ban

1.7.17 Western Outdoor News: Perspective – Fishing Policy Predictions


12.1.16 Fish Rap News: NOAA could declare bluefin tuna as an endangered species

11.22.16 Sacramento Bee: Sports fisherman have rights, too

10.9.16 Outdoor News Service: State attorney general says DFW wardens can violate 4th amendment

8.23.16 PRESS RELEASE – Controversal Bass Petition Withdrawn.docx

8.15.16 Release: Are California Fish Hatcheries Going Broke?

8.11.16 Coalition Letter Opposing Bass Petition

8.11.16 Letter: CA State Legislators Call for Hatchery Audit

6.17.16 PRESS RELEASE – Recreational anglers challenge “revisionist” history of Marine Protected Areas

6.17.16 CSL Letter requesting clarification on proposed MPA master plan

6.17.16 Open letter to the California Fishing and Game Commission challenging revisionist history of MPAs

5.17.16 Coast News (CSL in the News) Oceanside Pier will remain open 24/7

5.8.16 the Log – CSL Opinion – Marine Life Protection Act “The ultimate Bait and Switch” 

5.6.16 Governor’s Office Release – Governor makes appointments to California Fish and Game Commission

5.6.16 Sacramento Bee – Should California’s striped bass be vilified as native-fish killers?

4.22.16 San Diego Tribune: O’side floats closing pier at night (pier fishing ban)

4.16.16 LA Times – Hunters (anglers) angry at state Fish and Wildlife agency say panel no longer represents them

4.13.16 Fish Sniffer – CA Fish and Game Commission Breaks Promise to Anglers

4.13.16 PRESS RELEASE – California’s Coastal Fishing Ban May Become Permanent

4.5.16 the Log – Bills propose making fishing more accessible to veterans (CSL mention)

4.4.16 PRESS RELEASE: MPAs – Anglers concerned that fishing ban may never be lifted

3.31.16 Redding Searchlight: Bill will reduce the costs of hunting and fishing for veterans

3.23.16 PRESS RELEASE – California Sportfishing League sponsors legislation that discounts fishing licenses for California veterans

3.22.16 The Log – Dept. of Fish and Wildlife in-house survey results revealed

3.8.16 Western Outdoor News (CSL mention) Perspective: Sign a petition for year-round licenses

2.1.16 Twenty-Four state legislators question merits of potential fishing tackle ban

1.31.16 CSL discusses declining in fishing license sales on Rod and Reel Radio Show

1.24.16 Central Valley Biz Times – State fish and game chief targeted by sportsmen

1.16.16 Fish Sniffer – CA regulators plan to do regional MPAs reviews only once a decade

1.15.16 SF Chronicle – Fish and Game upheaval reveals shift in wildlife policy

1.15.16 The Log/Fish Rap – Fish and Wildlife Managent (under fire)


11.16.15 Petition Submitted – Over 5000 CA anglers oppose proposed fishing tackle regulations

11.13.15 CSL Submits Comments on proposed Fishing Tackle Regulations

11.8.15 Oroville MR Opinion: State Keeps Alienating Anglers, Hunters

10.26.15 Redding Searchlight: State declares led fishing weights toxic

10.2.15 The Log – Comment period opens for Safer Consumer Products program (Fishing tackle ban)

9.27.15 WON – California Fish and Game Commission to Consider 12-Month Fishing License

9.23.15 San Diego Tribune: California fishermen face challenges

7.24.15 PRESS RELEASE – SB 345: Fishing License Reforms Stall in State Legislature

6.4.15 PRESS RELEASE – California Fishing License Bill Passes State Senate, Anglers Vow to Restore Key Provision in State Assembly

6.4.15 Senator Berryhill Press Release: Senate passes scaled down version of Berryhill Sport Fishing legislation

5.29.15 PRESS RELEASE – SB345 Fishing License Bill Moves To Senate Floor

5.20.15 Trinity Journal – Sportfishing Stimulus Act deserves another cast

5.20.15  Oroville Mercury Register: Action Needed to Halt Fishing Decline

4.28.15 Fish Sniffer: CA Fishing License Bill Passes Senate Natural Resources …

4.28.15  PRESS RELEASE – California Fishing License Legislation Passes First Committee

4.24.15  The Log – State senator introduces Sportfishing Stimulus Act of 2015

4.24.15  SD Union Tribune: California Stocking Smaller Trout

4.23.15  Mammoth Sheet: Hoping to End Fishing Decline

4.23.15  Field & Stream: California Moves Forward with Lead Fishing Tackle Ban

4.21.15  PRESS RELEASE – Business and Tourism Coalition Support Fishing License Bill

4.20.15 Wide Open Spaces – California’s Lead Fishing Tackle Review: Is This the Next Ban?

4.20.15 Western Outdoor News Perspective – DFW employees shed more light on department

4.17.15 Daily Pilot – Wishing for a Cheap Fishing License

4.17.15 Napa Register – Study Shows Dramatic Decline in Number of Californians Who Fish

4.16.15 PRESS RELEASE -California Moving to Ban Fishing Tackle

4.16.15 Ceres Courier – Berryhill Introduces Legislation Aimed at Increasing Fishing …

4.9.15 – Bill to Keep Anglers Biting

4.9.15 Sonora Democrat – State Fishing License Sales Show Sharp Downturn

4.7.15 PRESS RELEASE – State Legislation Targets State’s Decline in Fishing Participation

4.4.15 Monterey Herald – Salmon Seekers Crowd Marinas in Moss Landing, Monterey

3.27.15 The Log – Final action on drift gillnets postponed until June

3.27.15 The Log – Study: California experiences major drop in annual fishing licenses

3.27.15 Bakersfield Californian – License Fees Collapse State’s Fishing Interests

3.25.15 Capitol Public Radio – Recreational Fishing Steadily Dropping

3.23.15 PRESS RELEASE – Recreational Fishing Participation Faces Threat of “Death Spiral”

3.23.15 STUDY – Are Costs, Lack of Value, Contributing to an Unprecedented Decline …

3.4.15 PRESS RELEASE: Sportfishing Organization Joins Opposition to Drift Gillnets

3.4.15 WON – Fewer Anglers in Cal Every year

3.1.15 SF Chronicle – Anglers Priced Out (2nd story)

2.24.15 WON – Anglers Win Lawsuit, Trout Plants will Continue

2.12.15 Fish Rap News – Appeals Court rules against Fish and Wildlife in stocking case

2.11.15 PRESS RELEASE – Global Provider of Fishing Tackle Joins CSL Board of Directors

2.10.15 UT San Diego – CA Fishermen Land Court Ruling

2.10.15 PRESS RELEASE – Court Ruling Sinks Cal. State Assault on Recreational Fishing

1.29.15 PRESS RELEASE – Turner’s Outdoorsman Joins CSL Board of Directors

1.22.15 The Log – Federal Legislation Could Limit Bans on Lead in …

1.15.15 Western Outdoor News Op-Ed: 2015 – A Promising Year for …

1.7.15 Union Democrat – League supports board’s fish protest

1.6.15 Union Democrat – Fishing Group Speaks Out Against Smaller Fish

1.6.15 PRESS RELEASE – CA Anglers Oppose State’s New Trout Stocking …


12.26.14 Western Outdoor News ED – The More Opportunity, the More Use

12.16.14 SacBee LTE – Agency Didn’t Collaborate with Anglers

12.16.14 Western Outdoor News ED – Fishing License Fee Raid Abandoned

12.3.14 PRESS RELEASE – Local Restrictions on Recreational Fishing …

11.28.14 Napa Register – CA Seeking to Raid Fishing License Funds

11.24.14 PRESS RELEASE – CA Anglers Oppose State Raid on Fishing …

11.22.14 Our South Bay: The Accidental Aggressor?

11.6.14 The Log – F&G Commission Contemplates Pier Fishing Ban Request

10.24.14 SF Chronicle – Anglers Angered Over Possible Ban on Lead Weights …

10.21.14 CBS13 – CA Considering Banning Lead Fishing Bait Weights …

10.20.14 PRESS RELEASE – Opposition Swells Against State Plan to Regulate …

10.10.14 Western Outdoor News – Anglers Only Have a Very Short Time To Act

9.28.14 CSL President David Dickerson on Rod & Reel Radio

9.22.14 LA Times – Brown administration’s angling to ban …

9.17.14 Western Outdoor News – California Taking Steps To Ban …

9.16.14 SacBee – California’s toxics regulator eyes lead fishing weights

9.15.14 PRESS RELEASE – California Taking Steps to Ban Common Fishing Gear …

9.11.14 LA Daily Breeze Op-Ed – Manhattan Beach’s war on …

8.30.14 Easy Rider News – Manhattan Beach Heeds State Warning…

8.14.14 Easy Rider News – Manhattan Beach to lift temporary …

8.14.14 LA Weekly – Shark Fishing Squeezed Out of Manhattan Beach

8.13.14 PRESS RELEASE – Manhattan Beach Lifts Illegal Pier Fishing Ban

8.13.14 CBS LA – Manhattan Beach Lifts Pier Fishing Ban In Place…

8.13.14 LA Daily Breeze – Manhattan Beach officials approve pier fishing regulations…

8.12.14 LA Weekly – Fishing Ban at Manhattan Beach Pier Is Illegal, State Suggests

8.11.14 LA Weekly – Shark Fishing Could Be Squeezed Out of Manhattan Beach…

8.11.14 MB Patch – Two State Agencies, Fishermen Claim City Has Gone Too Far…

8.11.14 – LA Daily Breeze – State warns Manhattan Beach not to meddle in pier fishing

8.6.14 – PRESS RELEASE – Manhattan Beach Exceeds Authority

4.21.14 FishRap – MPA assessments could be extended to 10 years

4.20.14 APNewsBreak – Sushi alert: Grim outlook for bluefin tuna