Protect Pier Fishing – Report Unlawful Local Regulations!

To protect access to recreational fishing, a right enshrined in our State Constitution, we need your help to report unlawful municipal regulations to the State.

There is a growing concern that municipalities all over California have contributed to a serious decline in recreational fishing participation by imposing illegal and costly regulations on anglers.  In response to our Protect Pier Fishing Petition campaign, the California Fish and Game Commission — the agency solely responsible for regulating fishing — has expressed concerns and needs our help.

Today, California ranks dead last in fishing participation, despite its vast coastline and thousands of lakes and rivers. This is unacceptable, and illegal regulations are a contributing factor!

Please report local abuse by providing us the name of the municipality that is limiting access, gear and manner of take, and provide copies of the regulations or ordinances to

Like the City of Manhattan Beach, local government has been known to limit fishing gear and manner of take, or have imposed outright fishing bans! Together, we can grow access and increase participation in one of California’s favorite pastimes, recreational fishing. Thank you for your assistance.