California is a major market for California’s sportfishing industry, generating over $4.6 billion in economic activity each year. This means jobs and economic opportunity for the outdoor recreational community, fishing tackle and watercraft manufacturers, retailers, distributors, marinas, charter boats, and the hospitality industry.

The California Sportfishing League (CSL) was founded by anglers and leaders in the sportfishing industry to ensure that recreational fishing remains affordable and accessible.

Since our inception a few short years ago, CSL has made considerable progress:

  • Increased Political Influence: CSL retained an established lobbyist with a relationship between California’s angling community and State Legislators, state agencies and the Governor’s Office. Through these relationships, CSL fought regulations that threatened access to fishing and the great outdoors.
  • Public Education: Waged a successful media and lobbying campaign that educated key legislators, regulators, and the public about sportfishing’s $4.6 billion annual contribution to state and local economies, and tourism.
  • Grassroots Advocacy: Developed California’s strongest and most active angler’s network since the battles over MPA’s. Because of CSL’s efforts, more than 10,000 anglers became engaged in the political process, emailing state legislators and regulators, including the California Fish and Game Commission.
  • Legislative Reforms: Sponsored four bills in the state legislature that sought to make fishing less expensive and more accessible to California youth and veterans, and to transition California’s calendar-based fishing license program to one that is valid for a full 12-months after the date of purchase.
  • Protecting Access and Stopping Regulatory Abuse: Have stopped and/or curtailed efforts by local government to ban or regulate fishing on piers. Submitted a petition signed by more than 5,000 anglers opposed to banning fishing tackle that contain common metals, such as lead, copper and zinc.
  • Conservation: Stopped funds that support fish hatchery and conservation programs from being diverted to other state programs.

Despite CSL’s progress, the angler’s Constitutional right to fish will face continued threats by the anti-fishing lobby who champion government regulations that suppress fishing participation rates by making fishing less accessible and more expensive.

If you have a vested interest in protecting California’s sportfishing industry, become a CSL sponsor today. Sponsorship comes with benefits for your business and products.

To learn more, click below and call CSL’s executive director Marko Mlikotin at 916.817.4444.