Fishing License Reform- 365-Day Fishing License

Sales for California’s costly and antiquated annual fishing license have declined 55% since 1980, while California’s population has increased over 60%. How can this be when California has one of the longest coastlines in the country, and over 3,000 lakes and reservoirs, and thousands of rivers and streams?

Simply – California’s annual license is calendar based and its costly. No matter when the license is purchased, it expires on December 31st of every year. So, why would an angler pay full price for an annual license late in the year? Many don’t!

Due to California’s failure to address a longstanding problem, sales have declined.  So has funding for fishery and conservation programs that depend on sales to protect California’s wildlife and our environment.

The solution is simple – California should follow the lead of other states that have implemented a fishing license that is valid a full 365-days from the date of purchase. Because this license provides better value for the buck, many states have experienced greater sales and greater revenue.

Together, lets reform California’s antiquated license program by getting engaged in the political process! To build political support for AB 1387, sign CSL’s online petition. Also if you are a member of a fishing or business organization, we urge you to join our coalition.


For bill status and list of supporters, click here. Please send pdf copies of your letters to We will share your letter with state legislators. If you have any questions, call 916.936.1777.

Please only sign if you have not already done so in the past.