State Regulations Threaten to Sink Family-Owned Sportfishing Boats

Governor Gavin Newsom: Save Sportfishing Boats!

Even though California’s sportfishing and ocean industry has not fully recovered from the economic hardship of the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Gavin Newsom’s Administration has proposed costly and onerous new engine regulations that completely disregard the lack of existing technology and economic feasibility.

If the regulations are adopted, most boat owners will be out of business within 3-6 years, denying millions of Californians access to recreational fishing and whale watching. What’s more, the cost of these regulations could double the price of passenger fishing boat tickets! You can help by joining over 20,000 Californians who signed an online petition that asks Governor Gavin Newsom to save sportfishing!

If you share our passion for the open seas and marine life, join a petition asking Governor Newsom to save sportfishing and your access to California waters.