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Threatens Non-Profits

Passenger boat owners provide another public benefit that occurs, often unseen, but greatly appreciated by community partners. Many boat owners provide schools and non-profit organizations access to the marine environment, often at little to no cost. Many of the beneficiaries of these fishing and marine life programs are school children, disadvantaged youth and veterans. For many children, this is their first introduction to marine life and for wounded warriors, it is a source of mental rehabilitation. Greater regulatory costs would jeopardize these programs.

"Since 1999, Captain Rollo’s Kids at Sea has provided over 140,000 children including disadvantaged, physically challenged, and at-risk youth marine-awareness fishing trips. Youth are provided with on-the water ocean preservation education where they learn hands-on about the ecosystems that exist in our coastal waters. Our mission could not be achieved without the support of the family businesses that operate sportfishing and whale watching boats from San Diego to Half Moon Bay.”

Friends of Rollo
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